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How to change the owner of the electricity supply in my new home

Firma de contrato

When a change of address is made, it is quite common to be unclear about the steps to be taken prior to the change of home, as many factors are involved before starting life in the new home.

The truth is that one of the most important procedures is the processing of the changes of ownership of the supplies that are considered basic for the correct habitability of the home.

These supplies include the electricity service, the gas service and the running water service. However, in this entry, Selectra will focus on the change of ownership of the electricity service, taking into account the steps that must be followed, the documents that must be provided, the contact channels that the companies offer for this purpose and the deadlines that must be expected in order to make the change of ownership of the electricity service effective.

What do I have to do to change the holder?

When carrying out this procedure, the person who is going to be responsible for the service after the change of owner must follow the following steps:

First, contact the energy supplier at the point of supply at the time prior to the change of address, to whom this information must be submitted:

  • Personal data of the person who is the holder at the time of the change, i.e. the person who until then was the holder.
  • Personal details of the person who, after the change, will become the holder of the service.
  • Details of the bank account of the new holder, the account number provided, will be the one to which the charges associated with the supply bills will be made.
  • The change of ownership of the property must be accredited by presenting the purchase contract of the property, or in certain situations, the rental contract.
  • The code associated with the installation, a unique numerical code commonly known as the CUPS code, must also be provided.
  • Lastly, the total power required for the property must also be presented. In order to select the optimum power, a study of the energy demand of the property must be carried out, as the power represents a fixed cost on the bill and this cannot be changed until one year after the conclusion of the contract.

Once all this information has been provided, the company in charge of energy marketing will check the data, and once everything is correct, the change of electricity holder will take effect.

It is true that, although the change of owner is approved, it is not carried out immediately, which is why it is advisable to do so a few days before the change of address, as this change can take between one and twenty days from the date of approval.

Furthermore, there are no associated costs associated with a change of holder, which is why it is completely free of charge for users.

How can I contact electricity marketing companies?

Once you have decided which company you want to work with, you can contact them through different channels, which may vary depending on the company you have selected to hire.

There are generally three ways of contact, and the procedure can be carried out in person, by telephone or virtually, but the truth is that not all companies have all the ways to carry out the procedure, for example, if you want to carry out this change with the company Iberdrola, you can carry out the procedure by telephone, by calling Iberdrola, you can carry out the procedure in any of their offices distributed throughout the country or you can carry out the procedure through their virtual offices available.

When is a change of ownership mandatory?

Normally, this is a procedure that is carried out when changing the address, after moving house, after inheriting a property... But there are some situations in which the change becomes compulsory. These situations are:

  • When the property has been bought and sold, so that the ownership of the property changes, the services must also change name.
  • When the person who is the owner dies, in these cases, it will be a relative of the deceased who will be in charge of the management, however, when the change is made, the service can be definitively cancelled.
  • When the tenant wants to change the contractual conditions, he/she must present the contract that proves the lease.

When the owners, in the case of a couple, get divorced, in these cases, whoever decides to continue in the main residence will be the one who must appear as the owner.


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